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Romania triumph at the 7. (ABAF) Balkan Mountain Running Championships 2015. - 24 August 2015
abaf2015openingcerok.jpgSix Nations,with 48 runners (22 women and 25 men), was present at the 7th ABAF (Balkan) Mountain Running Championships 2015 held this year at Busteni, Romania.
Five Federations won medals.

Romanian Team triumphed winning ten medals in total: 7 gold medals (all the individuals and 3 in the team result) plus 1 silver and 2 bronze,; Turkey won five medlas: 1 gold medal, 3 silver and 1 bronze; five medals also for Bulgaria with 2 silver and 3 bronze; instead Moldova kept two medals (2 silver) and Croatia one medal (1 bronze). FYR of Macedonia, the sixth Nation present, didn''t won any medal.
Good organisation was guarenteed to this important ABAF event by FRA that in the future could host also events, under WMRA or EAA regulations: Ion Sandu, FRA new President, want to promote mountain running inside his Country and also improve organisation of the competition. Specially for mountain running in Romania there are wonderful venue where top class hotel are working and many facilities are available for organising international mountain running Championships: a few years ago WMRA President Bruno Gozzelino visited Romania togehter some Romanian Officials like Traian Badea, FRA Vice President, and he confirm this situation.

Slovenian runners won the International Grintovec Race, at Kamnik,third stage of WMRA World Cup 2015 - 27 July 2015
2015wc3grintovecwinners_mw.jpgSuccess for Slovenian runners on their home soil: Nejc Kuhar and Karmen Klančnik were the fastest among 220 runners from 14 countries.
The weather forecast for the day of the race was promising a major change – after almost one month of African summer heat, rain should come during the night before the race and chill the air for more than 20deg – and the meteorologists did not make a mistake.
It was a drizzly day with slippery rocks all along the way from the Kamniska Bistrica valley to the Grintovec summit.
The runners had to climb for almost 2000m in less than 10km.
Everybody who knows what does it mean has a respect to this race and to all the runners who beat this challenging course.

WMRA Mountain Running World Cup resumes in Kamnik, for the third stage 2015. - 25 July 2015
2015grintovecleaflet.jpgAfter the European and NACAC Mountain Running Championships, more than 200 runners from 15 countries have entered the 17th edition of “The Grintovec Mountain running race”, the third stage of WMRA 2015 Mountain Running World Cup, that will be held on Sunday 26th July in Kamnik, Slovenia.
The course is a real mountain course, taking the normal trail from the Kamniska Valley (602m) to the Grintovec summit (2.558m).
Almost 2000m elevation gain on less than 10km; normal hikers need 6 hours to reach the summit and another six to go back.
Course record holders are Jonathan Wyatt (NZL) and Anna Pichrtova (CZE) with 1:15:43 and 1:31:50 (both in 2006) and it seems that those records will last for a long time.

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