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Kirsty Reade joins the WMRA media team

It gives the World Mountain Running Association great pleasure to welcome to our team Kirsty Reade who will be assisting our activities on the Social Media side. She brings journalistic experience writing for magazines and newspapers, Kirsty is the editor of website and can write in both French and English.

She will be managing the content and writing for us on our pages and keeping the Mountain Running community informed about our activities as we grow our brand so we are really pleased to have her helping us.  Kirsty is a keen runner and will be a valuable addition to the WMRA team.

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A day for new race records at the DreiZinnen Alpine Run : World Cup #6

 The Drei Zinnen Alpine Run exceeded all expectations today. 900 runners and 2 new race records and perfect weather provided an unforgettable experience in the heart of the Italian Dolomite mountains for everyone involved.  It was Sarah Tunstall (ENG) and Petro Mamu (ERI) who took the wins and provided some additional spice in the race to the World Cup title.

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DREI ZINNEN: two races to go for the 2019 World Cup, it’s now or never!

It's time for the Drei Zinnen Alpine Run in the heart of the Dolomiti mountains in northern Italy.   With the end of summer fast approaching and the first signs of autumn in the air it's also a decisive time for the World Cup.  With the final two races taking place in the next month for the 2019 World Cup season it will be time to see who the new champions will be even if the top two positions in women and men's categories are looking difficult to reach given the top performances and in particular their level of participation in the race events.  It goes to show that by participating you can reach a high position in the overall ranking.

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Future Mountain Running Stars Arriving in Italy

Under 18 International Mountain Running Cup takes place in the heart of the Roman town of Susa in northern Italy this coming Saturday.

This unique event already has a strong history and here are the results from the past years and the list of all the teams coming to Susa (Italy) for 2019.  An amazing history with runners that have gone on to do great things in later years and senior races such as Yeman Crippa (European Senior 5000m champion), Davide Magnini (Skyrunning and World Mountain running medalist), Nadia Battocletti (European Junior Cross Country Champ).

We can also see more names that have come through the U18 (Youth Cup) results suchs as Xavier Chevrier and Jacob Adkin, both European Senior Mountain Running Champions.  Xavier won silver and gold in 2006/2007, and Jacob was 8th in 2013.

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