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The 2020 World Championships Take Shape!

The WMRA recently travelled to Lanzarote to inspect the courses for this year’s World Championships and to work out the details with the organisers. We’re pleased to bring you some more information on the 2020 World Mountain Running Championships and World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships.  An important point to note is that World Mountain Running Championship Classic distance races are to be held on Friday 13th November and the World Long Distance Mountain Running Championship races will be held on Saturday 14th November.

 During the visit a representative from the WMRA met with the local organising committee and inspected all courses, including start and finish areas. Accommodation and transport options for teams were discussed (4 nights accommodation will be offered to teams), along with rules and full schedule. Here's some useful information that was confirmed in the meeting.

IMG 20200218 3

Here's the full provisional schedule for the event (the final timetable will be published in the team manual): 

Day Time


Tuesday 10th November All day Early arrivals
  All day World Championships (WCh) and World Long Distance Championships (WLDCh) courses visit
Wednesday 11th November All day WCh and WLDCh teams arrive - accreditations
  All day WCh and WLDCh courses visit
Thursday 12th November All day Late teams arrival
  All day  WCh and WLDCh courses visit
  9.00 - 12.00 WMRA congress 
  15.00 - 15.30 Press conference
  16.00 - 17.00 WCh and WLDCh technical meeting
  18.00 - 19.00 WCh and WLDCh opening ceremony (Haria Square)
  20.00 - 21.00 VIP reception
Friday 13th November 8.00 Open races (junior and senior courses)
  10.00 WCh Race - start junior women (Haria)
  10.30 WCh Race - start junior men (Haria)
  10.45 WCh Race - start women (Caleta de Famara)
  11.30 WCh Race - start men (Caleta de Famara)
  17.00 - 18.00 WCh award ceremony (Haria Square)
Saturday 14th November 10.00 WLDCh race start (Haria)
  10.20 Open race start
  17.00 - 18.30 WLDCh award ceremony and closing ceremony (Haria Square)
  20.00 - 24.00 Farewell party (Haria)
Sunday 15th November All day Teams depart

Technical information about the courses: 

  Classic Classic Long Distance
  Senior men and women Junior men and women Men and women
Length 13km 4.7km 44km
Total ascent 750m 380m 1900m
Total descent 125m 30m 1900m
Start location Caleta Famara Haria Haria
Start altitude 5m 280m 280m
Finish location Penas del Chache Penas del Chache Haria
Finish altitude 630m 630m 280m
Terrain - asphalt road 1km 1.5km 4.5km
Terrain - tarmac road 2km 0.5km 5km
Terrain - 4WD road 1km 0.5km 12.5km
Terrain - meadow 0km 0km 0km
Terrain - mountain path 9km 2.7km


Course profiles

Junior course:

junior course

Senior course: 

senior course2

Long course: 

long course