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Valsir Mountain Running World Cup 2022: Final Standings

After 5 months and 17 races, the 2022 Valsir Mountain Running World Cup is over. These are the final Overall and Category standings.

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Full Standings

With an athlete's 6 best results counting towards their score, Kenya's Joyce Njeru and Patrick Kipngeno finish the season on a maximum 300 points having each won 6 Gold Label races. Their teammate Philemon Kiriago is 2nd in the men's standings with Ireland's Zak Hanna in 3rd.

Andrea Mayr's win at the Chiavenna-Lagunc, the World Cup Final, was enough to secure 2nd place for Austria's 4 time World Cup winner, with double World Champion Lucy Murigi of Kenya in 3rd.


Full Standings

The men's standings here were as tight as could be, with Kipngeno, Hanna and Kiriago all scoring 100 points. With ties broken with reference to an athlete's best results, Kipngeno takes the title with his 2 wins at Giir di Mont Uphill and Vertical Nasego. Hanna's two 2nd places and one 5th see him edge out Kiriago, who has one 2nd and two 3rds.

Andrea Mayr and Joyce Njeru each have 2 wins, with Mayr's 2nd at Giir di Mont Uphill pushing her ahead after Njeru finished 4th at Vertical Nasego. Romania's Madalina Florea finishes 3rd.


Full Standings

SML52413872970 824468d9c8 kJust as in the Overall standings, Njeru and Kipngeno reign supreme! Both took Gold Label wins at Montemuro Vertical Run, Grossglockner Berglauf and Montée du Nid d'Aigle. Strong finishes in those same 3 races see Camilla Magliano claim the second step on the podium ahead of Lucy Murigi.

The men's podium is the same as that in the overall; Kiriago 2nd and Hanna 3rd.


Full Standings

The women's Long category came down to the wire, with Lucy Murigi taking the title with her win at Zumaia Flysch Trail, the last Long race of the season. Third place there was not quite enough for Camilla Magliano to overtake Joyce Njeru; the now 2 time World Cup winner finishes second with Magliano in 3rd.

Magliano raced more prolifically than anyone else on the circuit this year, scoring points in 11 Valsir World Cup races! 

Petro Mamu of Eritrea, 2014 and 2016 World Cup winner, comes away victorious in the men's competition after a win at Giir di Mont and strong performances at Sierre-Zinal and Trofeo Nasego. The Frenchman Loïc Robert takes 2nd having won both Canfranc-Canfranc and Zumaia Flysch Trail, the last 2 Long races of the season. Philemon Kirago is 3rd, meaning he features on all 3 category podiums as well as the Overall podium, an accomplishment shared with Joyce Njeru.

Results for all Valsir World Cup races can be found on our results page.

Photos by Marco Gulberti.