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The mission statement is : "To find the consistently best performing all round mountain runners."


PROJECT HISTORY: Who are the top mountain runners today?  That is a question we haven't been able to give an exact answer to... until now.  The ranking concept is for a 12 month rolling ranking where the race results from the past 12 months are used to calculate the points and define who are the currently most successful mountain runners at any one time. 

In addition it represents a database of race results history both for the races that are at a high enough level to be included and represent our Mountain Running sport as well as any athlete who can see their World ranking and compare it to other athletes.  Valuable for races, athletes, sponsors and providing a history of our sport.  

The WMRA and our Mountain Running community are looking forward to this new exciting platform.

At the meeting of the 2018 WMRA Congress before the World Championship races there was an opportunity to present to the Mountain Running community the new initiative of the Mountain Running World Ranking project.

A trial ranking classification was put in place using 344 MALE ATHLETES and 328 FEMALE ATHLETES who were analysed for the test phase.

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